Students have been selected for National Integration Camp three times.

2005- Ludhiana, Punjab, Best All round Award – Performance amongst 32 Universities at National Service Scheme Camp.

2009 – Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh- First in Cultural Activities amongst Universities.

2011 – Pune, Maharastra – First in Cultural Activities amongst Universities.

2010 Km. Komal Pandey attended the Republic Day Parade after Selection in Pre Republic Day Camp.

Students are selected for Pre Republic Day Camps every year.

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" स्वाधायय श्रवण मनन निदिध्यासन श्रेयस् |
आरोह तमसो ज्योति:|"

(अपना पाठ पढ़ना, सुनना, चिन्तन करना, ध्यान लगाना कल्याणकारी है|
अन्धकार से प्रकाश की ओर बढ़ो | )

To read your lesson, to perceive, to analyse, to meditate is beneficial. Proceed from darkness into light.
• To provide higher education of excellent quality.
• To inculcate creative impulse and critical thinking in the girl students.
• To sensitise them towards burning social issues such that they may be responsive to social needs.
• To empower them so that they may become independent and self sufficient enriched with moral values and may become responsible citizens of the nation.

Purushottam Das Tandon
Dr Ranjana Tripathi
( Principal )
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